Thursday, December 09, 2010

S.M The Ballad..


SM The Ballad (stylized as S.M. The Ballad) is a South Korean ballad group. The group's members are TRAX’s Jay, Shinee’s Jonghyun, Super Junior's Kyuhyun and new singer Jino. They are described as their label's Vocal Unit Group. -wikipedia-

mula2 aq taw ni, nda brpa bminat aq sbb mcm boring2 bha kalo ballad ni..hihi
skali masa aq dgr  SEOUL.FM  ad kuar satu lagu bes...rpa2ny lagu  Hot Times  ole drg ni...

Sounds like a powerful track, it’s great to hear such awesome voices come together in harmony. -allkpop-

yg power2 sora under SM brkumpul under group ni...mana tahan...lgu MISS YOU drg pun bes..layan~~~


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