Wednesday, December 15, 2010

unbelieveable story..^^

  • A little kid who lived in Super Junior’s neighborhood saw Yesung walking into the dorm and kindly told him, “Hey, you know that Super Junior lives there, right?”
  • Yesung and this kid were in the elevator together. Yesung asked him what singer he liked. “Super Junior,” the kid replied. “Who in Super Junior is your favorite?” “Yesung.” Yesung was about to give him his autograph when the kid asked, “so who are you by the way?”

    i jus read dis somewhere...
    and i jus cant stop laughing after dat..


    if u know that well super junior, then why you cant recognize yesung ???
    how unbelieaveable 

    if i jus can meet suju oppa, face to face..omo!

    kompom la bha jgk aq pengsan oleh histeria...kekekeke

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